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We’re looking for Senior Associates, based in New York, and would love to talk to recent graduates and those a few years into their career who are interested in being in an impactful, absorbing and fun role, recruiting leaders for high-growth tech companies. You don’t have to have experience in executive search but have an inquisitive mind, a tenacious nature and a natural inclination to puzzle solve along with a thirst for information and a passion for understanding the impact of tech.

If this sounds like the kind of move that you’d like to make then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! More details are available at https://erevena-jobs.personio.de/

We are always on the lookout for good people at all levels who would thrive in our environment, so please do get in contact if you’re a Principal or Partner too, email talent@erevena.com


Learn about executive search at Erevena

“Executive Search is by no means just recruitment at C-suite level, it’s far more advisory and strategic and so more akin to management consultancy, which is what makes it that much more interesting as an industry. At a young age and at an early stage in your career, you’re given the opportunity to work with CEOs and founders of businesses, which is something you’d never normally get exposure to – you get to see what a good business looks like. I joined Erevena because it’s more than just a search firm. Erevena is a true advisor to its clients, working with businesses that are driving innovation, challenging the status quo, and transforming their sectors.”

Hugo Darby, Senior Associate, joined Erevena in December 2019

“I joined Erevena straight from completing my Masters’ degree on the advice of a recruiter. I didn’t really know what executive search was and had assumed that it was the same as contingent recruitment but was assured that this wasn’t the case. I was pleased to discover that I use my research skills extensively.  The team at Erevena are people that I trust with my development, and they give me the opportunity to develop my research skills and have given me the confidence to have high level conversations with CEOs and founders of tech start-ups. I can see myself building a career in executive search.”

Daniel Petcu joined as an Associate in August 2019

“Executive search is wildly underrated as a career path – it’s intellectually stimulating, social, well-paid, and hugely impactful…. I was lucky because it found me. In the last ten years I’ve learnt: how to interview, how Venture Capital works, resilience, what Software is (and why it’s important), how to pitch, how to listen (lifelong learning!), what makes a great leader (ditto this).

Why do I love it? I get to meet the most interesting people and try to understand what makes them tick. I get to work with inspiring founders and leaders and help them at a crucial moment. And I get to work with high energy people who are equally curious and energetic.”

Hazel Mulhare, Partner joined Erevena in February 2020

“After graduating I worked in Sales for a year and found the environment very cut-throat and stressful. I wanted a career that meant I was working with people and using my sales experience but focused more on building relationships and advising. The move to Erevena has given me that, and so much more! I love the fact that I’m learning about interesting businesses and can have an impact from very early on.”

Georgina Pike joined as an Associate in August 2019

“After joining a large corporate grad scheme, I realised that corporate life wasn’t for me. The project nature of executive search work appealed for me, I enjoy the flexibility, variety, and the fact you get to learn about a huge range of different industries within technology. I love that Erevena is a very dynamic environment to be in, and you’re given autonomy early on.”

Annie Saunders, Senior Associate joined in February 2017 as an Associate

“I really think if more people knew about executive search, they’d be surprised at how much they enjoy it. With the right firm you get the right mix of intellectual stimulation, exposure to impactful tasks and the development to make you the best you can be.”

Chris Warner joined as an Associate in March 2014 and is now a Partner. He has worked in Erevena’s San Francisco and London offices and is off to New York to establish an office there

“While the field of search interested me on its own, I was drawn to Erevena specifically because of their emphasis on good business ethics and prioritizing the needs of both clients and candidates. Since joining, I’ve found a likeminded set of individuals who value transparency and the genuine willingness to do good.”

Tatiana Su, joined as an Associate in February 2020

Why consider a career at Erevena?

At Erevena we pride ourselves on our people. We know that without a great team, we couldn’t do great work and without great work, we wouldn’t get the opportunity to work with great clients and build successful long term relationships. Knowing this, we focus on hiring likeminded individuals who share our drive, determination and values. We promise to invest in the growth and development of our people to support them through their journey at Erevena.

We value collaboration. Across our global team of 50+ we commit to communicating clearly and effectively; sharing leads, ideas and information as and when needed. Our teams work closely together, with frequent crossovers and we connect virtually and in person when possible. We love celebrating success; whether that be a new search won, a marathon raced or your very first placement; whatever the milestone, we are always there to cheer alongside you.

We cherish our diversity. Erevena is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage people of all genders, races, sexual orientation, religions, ages, disability status and backgrounds to apply to work with us. We regularly review our own people practices and approaches to ensure that our workplace is as open, diverse, accessible and inclusive as possible.

We believe in transparency and work hard to create a company where everyone feels valued. We regularly ask for feedback, input and ideas on how to make Erevena even better.  We are never scared of change and as a business we embrace new challenges and opportunities which come our way.

If this sounds like the place for you  please contact  talent@erevena.com


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