Business Review – European B2B Product Leadership Roles

Erevena has made a bold start to 2019, following on from a strong year in 2018. This is reflected in the growing number of placements made, in an expanding number of diverse oranisations. These organisations share one thing in common – they are amongst the fastest growing in the world.

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Business Review – International CTO & VP Engineering Roles

There has been increased demand to incorporate relocation options into search strategies, for even earlier stage companies. This has long been the case with more established clients (who have raised $75m+ ) due to momentum of engagement/revenues/internationalisation.

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Mark Tsimelzon, Director of Engineering, Facebook/Whatsapp

In 2017 Mark Tsimelzon, moved to the UK from California to join Babylon Health as Chief Engineering Officer in a search led by Erevena. In May 2019, after scaling their engineering organisation to over 300, he moved to Facebook to help with WhatsApp London’s team build out. He talks to Sam Wilkins, Senior Partner at Erevena about his experiences.

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