Erevena and General Atlantic recently co-hosted the first in a series of breakfast events focused upon the impact of data on business practices and organisational dynamics. 
In this breakfast discussion, we were joined by business and technology leaders with perspectives from across the spectrum. The aim of the event was to swap insights on the potential impact when data sits at the heart of driving product strategy and business practice, and how traditional businesses can harness the power of data as a catalyst for transformation.
A further point of exploration was that as technology enables a greater sophistication around data, where exactly ‘ownership’ and responsibility for data resides within a business. For example, can it be considered simply as an extension of the disruptive force of technology, should it force businesses to re-imagine a data function in its own right, or have the changes unleashed a mutation that should infect every business function and change the way we all approach optimisation?
Please download our full report below to see the full summary of our discussion.