As we start the new year with further restrictions and lockdowns in place, the health and well-being of our staff is more important now than ever before.

How you feed your body and mind, how you move and exercise them and how you rest them, not only protects your physical health but can dramatically affect your personal and professional performance as well as your mental and emotional state of mind. As with many things, little and often is key and incorporating small changes into your daily routine can have huge benefits. Your wellbeing is not a luxury to do when everything else is done but should be a priority – it greatly effects how well you do everything.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to launch a new Erevena initiative called “Wellness Wednesday”. Whilst it’s important that we focus on our wellbeing every day, we are asking that all our employees take some time each Wednesday to review and think about an aspect of their personal health and wellbeing. To aid this, every week we will circulate some advice and tips from experts covering different topics (nutrition, movement, sleep, remote working, home set-up, mental health, fun etc!)

This week we are starting with some reflections and advice on “Diet & Nutrition” and are delighted to share advice and hints from 3 expert nutritional therapists with the Erevena team:

Eating for Peak Performance with Amanda Sarjant at Happier You Nutrition    

The Gut-Mind Axis with Orla Stone at NutriViva

–  How, When & Why We Eat with Cecilie Jacobsen at Core Coaching  

The underlying message from them all is that small changes in what, when and how we eat can hugely effect the performance of our body, mind and emotions. Please feel free to take a look also and stay healthy!