Successful Hiring for IOT

Kevin Elderfield – Senior Partner at Erevena – shares his thoughts on general characteristics to look for, in view of the scarcity of IoT-specific skills in the market

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Global Leader Series – an interview with Dan Hyde, CEO

Dan Hyde doesn’t fear the march of automation in executive search. In fact, he welcomes it. Dan is CEO and co-founder of executive search firm Erevena, a business with a clear focus on clients with high growth ambitions. These are typically venture capital (VC)-backed companies, to which Erevena brings an understanding of the top talent needed to enable their success.

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Building a Successful Board

After a successful event in March examining how to scale up technology functions in start-ups, Erevena’s “Dealing with Unknown Unknowns” breakfast series returned in June with an event looking at how to create a successful board.

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Scaling Consumer Technology

Most entrepreneurs find that scaling technology functions is an ‘unknown unknown’ if they have not personally lived through certain phases of growth. Getting insights from CTOs who have overcome those challenges can prove invaluable. At our CTO...

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